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Smart Home for Business

Smarthome for Business:

knx, Dali, Dmx, Digitalstrom, HomeKit etc... do you see the problem? Many abbreviations, wonderful technical names for all kinds of standards or manufacturers;  who has the overview? Whether as a planner or designer of a building project, you need enormous knowledge and know-how in many areas. It is important to keep an overview at all times. The constant striving for more and above all for smarter technology in buildings sometimes leads to an explosion of various standards, manufacturers and products. "Smart Home" is on everyone's lips, but it is always only small areas such as heating or light that are covered by a self-contained system. What is a nice gimmick at home can quickly become a nerve-wracking test of patience in everyday professional life. What options do I have as a building planner or owner? How do I connect all areas to obtain an intelligent and low-maintenance building system? What is worth automating? Here we offer ourselves as independent or supporting consultants, specialist planners and installers and turn your ideas and concepts into functioning and easy-to-use systems. Whether light, image, sound or control systems, we will find a way to implement your ideas. No matter how daring or complex. Put us to the test.







Bluetrac in architecture?

Bluetrac? Never heard of it... This is not surprising as an architect and it is precisely our strength! Originally the Systems department originated from the event technology of Bluetrac and was primarily concerned with AV technology also called "fixed installations". True to our roots, we initially focused on the installation of complete audiovisual systems in the public and private sector.

Due to the constant striving for intelligent and creative solutions we quickly became the primary contact point for highly integrative specialist planning in the field of building technology. Through the continuous further training of our employees and our feeling for design, we offer our customers highly aesthetic as well as technically top modern solutions. We are independent of brands and systems at the same time. With technical origins in event technology, we offer our customers a completely different and exciting perspective on the challenges of building planning than an 0815 electrical planner. We keep the overview of standards and technologies for you to breathe life into your ideas, no matter how daring they may be.


We offer solutions, not brands:

We plan, install, program and maintain your lighting, image and sound systems, develop creative and intelligent control concepts for all technical areas together with you. We combine fragmented control standards into functioning overall systems and automate your buildings to the desired degree. We are also happy to purge existing technology installations and simplify them to make them operable. No matter how creative or daring your ideas are, we turn them into working technology. Our aesthetic solutions are creative, innovative and intuitive; just like your ideas.